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Our Mission

The Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization is a non-profit community based planning advocacy group with a mission of encouraging the preservation and rehabilitation of historic places, focusing on private owned properties.  Click below to learn more about the GPAOs mission in Galena, Illinois.

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Come and be part of history, be part of Galena, situated in the beautiful driftless area by the Mississippi River.  A historic 1826 town that time almost forgot, Galena is now known as the mecca for artists, historians, and tourists from all over the world.  The charm of this quaint town has so much to offer that you just might not want to leave. If you own a historic property and are looking for assistance with funding to help restore or maintain your property, there are resources available to you! From Grants and Tax Incentives to Financial Institutions, there are ways for you to apply for assistance to keep your property timeless. Local Galena professionals are also available to help!

Galena Properties

Eye-catching, historic icons are available in Galena, perfect for those who want a weekend getaway, a rental property, or a permanent home. Local Galena professionals are available for the fixer upper, including assistance to restore your historic gem to the days of grandeur! Come and be part of this proud Galena community, set deep in the green hills and valleys of the area, the drift less area steeped in history. The real estate market is booming, offering many historic homes that would make a one-of-a-kind cozy bed and breakfast or single family home! 

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