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Board Members


The Galena Preservation Advocacy Organization (GPAO) Board Members are professionals, local residents with a love for history and a passion for historic preservation, or residents who personally own a historic home. Meet our board members and we are here with any questions you may have.

Krista Ginger

Co-Chair and Founding Member

Krista Ginger spent her 21 year career with the State of Wisconsin working for the WI State Supreme Court and the WI State Public Defender's Office. She spent many of those years passionately advocating for the rights of poor people in the criminal justice system. She is now using her passion to advocate for historic Galena buildings. Her family has a long history in Galena, settling here in 1828.  She grew up in Freeport, Illinois and spent much time in Galena visiting extended family members, and before moving here from Madison, WI in 2010 with her husband and daughter, she visited often shopping, dining, and staying in classic B&B’s.  She has always considered Galena home.


Wendy Bade

Co-Chair and Founding Member


Wendy moved to Galena ten years ago because of her love for people and history, both to be found in abundance in Galena. Many of her descendants were originally from the Cedarville Area and in the 1990s her parents located, purchased and restored her great-great grandmas 1860 home. It was from this project that Wendy's passion for history, genealogy and historical restoration really grew.  Having recently sold her BnB, she is now retired and is finding time to pursue those passions. Although she now lives on a boat for most of the year she is still involved in multiple organizations including GPAO and the Cedarville Area Historical Society.

Theresa Cole 

"Historic preservation runs deep in my family. I grew up in Galena witnessing all the preservation work spearheaded by my great uncle, Frank Einsweiler, who was mayor from 1973-1988. I love Galena and it’s beautiful historical architecture and hope to preserve it for future generations to enjoy."

Lisa Sproule.jpg

Lisa Sproule-Vakharia

Lisa was born here in Galena and now recently moved back after being in New Mexico the past 20 years. In November she purchased an 1850’s cottage to be closer to her parents.  Lisa comes from a long line of generational Galenaean’s . Antiques and preservation run in her blood. As a little girl you could find her at her father’s parents’ antique shop on Main St. helping wheel and deal with the tourists, or in Stateline Music or Rodden Truckstop on her mother’s side. The town of Rodden was founded by her great-grand father. You might also have found her at Grant Home next to her maternal grandmother who was a docent when she was a child.

20 years in the non-for-profit sector, Lisa has led varies nonprofits in the capacity of Executive Director, Director of Development Director, and CFO. In her fund development roles, she has raised millions of dollars for the Santa Fe Arts, Health Care, Education, Sexual Assault/ Sexual Abuse, Homelessness, Victims’ Rights and Senior issues. Lisa has owned several businesses. Lisa is a Multi- Media Consultant for The Santa Fe New Mexican and works remotely from her home in Galena. She has spent her time as an Ambassador, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, which she was Ambassador of the Year many times. She was named Santa Fe Professional Businesswoman of the Year.

Kathie Farlow


"My husband and I had visited Galena many times before we permanently moved here. We always loved the small town charm and the city’s architecture.  In 2001 we purchased the Farmers Guest House built in 1867. After 11 years we sold it and decided to retire in Galena. We purchased a minor’s  cottage built in 1846. Love the history of old homes."

Melanie Hoffman needs cropping_edited.jpg

Melanie Hoffman


Melanie Hoffman moved to Galena in 2020, from Southern California where she and her wife Joy lived in a historic 1911 Victorian home. She is a classically trained musician (trumpet). She has performed for over 40 years throughout Southern California. In addition she has toured extensively throughout the United States with a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company; and throughout western Europe with an international music company. She grew up in Central Illinois outside of Decatur on the family farm. She fell in love with Galena, in part, due to the historic preservation of its buildings and respect given to its rich history. She and Joy now live in the Galena Territory with their two standard poodles and near their four horses.

Adam Johnson


In 1970, Adam Johnson was the youngest of 4 children that Carl & Marilyn Johnson moved to Galena so that his father could give up the Chicago Loop commute from the burbs and become a fine watercolor artist painting the historic streetscapes and buildings.  The family appreciation for historic buildings led him to seek a architectural preservation degree from the University of Illinois.  After working around the US on 3 coasts, Adam moved back to Galena in 1992 with his wife, Cindy, and built a successful career as a preservation architect, with projects in Galena and across the Midwest awarded tens of millions of dollars worth of historic tax credits and preservation awards, including the Potosi Brewery Founding owner, Galena Turner Hall, Jail Hill Inn, and the Schmohl Building.  He served 10 years on the Galena Historic Distract Advisory Board.


Kerry Shelke

A native Galenian , Kerry grew up having a passion for architecture, design and history, influenced by her grandparent's historic home. She studied art and architecture yet ultimately finished her undergraduate work in international relations. She continued her post graduate work studying bilingual elementary education. Kerry has taught in Chicago, Galena and currently teaches first grade Spanish immersion.

Joy VonWolffersdorff


Joy Von Wolffersdorff moved to Galena in 2020, from Pasadena California where she and her wife, Melanie lived in a Victorian home built in 1911. The history of that house included being cut in half, in the 1940’s, and moved to its current location, to make room for a freeway. She is a visual artist and was a professor of art at California State University Northridge for 34 years. They chose Galena as their new home for many reasons: the respect and appreciation for history; the preservation of charming and historically significant architecture; the connection to nature; as well as the rich and diverse arts community. She and her wife, Melanie, live in the Galena Territory with their two dogs and near their four horses.

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